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Why Choose Us ?

About Us

Spend some time learning more about us, who we are, how we work and why you should choose us.
Our Process:

  • We have a well-defined process to ensure strict adherence to quality parameters and to deliver superior service, time and again.

Our Promise:

  • We are committed to deliver high quality work and world-class services that underpin our ability to exceed our customers' expectations.

  • Our team would do everything possible to ensure a world-class experience right from the time you consider our services to the project delivery.

     There are numerous firms providing the same or similar set of products/services and this has given rise to a need - the need to be different. Since quality is ingrained in everything we do, it comes to us naturally. In our commitment to deliver top notch service to our clients, we measure every delivery step down to the minutes details. In the entire history of our existence, we have strived to compete with ourselves, improve upon our standards and continued setting high-standards for ourselves. We take pride in sharing with you, a few of our differentiators.
The three key areas that we consider while providing you with a commercial grade application are: the target audience, your current and near future requirements, and potential needs at the time of delivery. Our knowledge and expertise on multiple platforms act as surety for dependability.

  • Regular Project Updates along with progress reports.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Comprehensive Project Management Control.

  • Team of experienced Professionals with comprehensive know-how and right skill-sets.

  • Prompt assistance from Project Coordinators and crystal clear lines of communication.

Our Services Range:

  • HTML 4.0, HTML 5

  • XHTML 1.0 (Transitional and Strict Validation)

  •  DHTML

  • Web 2.0+

  • Flash/XHTML/CSS

  • AJAX Implementation

  • Cascading  Style  Sheets

  • Adobe Flash CSS Headers and Inserts

  • ALL Flash Websites

  •  Web Graphics, Print Graphics, and Logo Design

  •  On-Line JSP Feedback Forms

  •  SSL and SHTTP Secure Web Site Development

  •  JSP  CMS Tweaking and Customization

  •  Database Development (MySQL, Access)

  •  Rotating Banner Advertising (Flash and GIF Animations)

  •  Bulletin Boards and Forums

  •  Calendar of Events

  •  Chat Room

  •  Classified Ads

  •  Directory

  •  Online Product Catalog with shopping cart

  •    Digital Post Cards or Flash Greeting Cards!

  •  Search Engine Optimization

  •  Online Surveys

  •  Dynamic Content

  •  Voting / Polls on your website

  •  Random Messages

  •  Guest Book

  •  Visitor tracking & Statistics Review and Tutoring

  •  Autoresponders for e-mail

  • Domain Registration

  • Secure Data Centre Hosting

And Much More!
Direct Communication with our Customers

Working directly with the people doing the work is far better that dealing with a high pressure internet sales person. We strive to educate our customers about the Design Process and to make them feel comfortable with the new technology if they are unfamiliar with the Internet.


OK, so you want to know how much it cost.  Not as much as you might think!  We can make your site as simple or advanced as you like. We will advise you on the best options and alternatives.  
Each website is custom designed to your specifications. We'll tailor your website to fit your budget and needs.  Call 9500124080 today to schedule a Developer to Client Meeting.

Suggested Types of Information to Provide on Your Website

Company Information:  Welcome Letter, History of the Company, Employee Biographies, Employment Opportunities, Major Accomplishments, Press Releases, Stock Information.
Product Information:  Catalog, Spec Sheets, Instructions, Relevant Uses, Upcoming Releases, Order Form, Information Request Form, Demos, Pictures, Sound, Video
What's New:  Industry info, News Articles, Periodicals, and Editorials. This can be anything and will probably be updated regularly.
Client/Customer Portfolio:  List current Clients and Projects.
Order Form/Info:  Any kind of form you would want to have online.

If you need to find out more about us or need to discuss your site?
Please feel free to give us a call at + 91 9500124080
for a friendly discussion on how we can help your company grow to be successful on the World Wide Web.

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