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You are a  Small Business Owner, Organization, or Downtown Firm. You need a website... and not quite sure how to get started?  We fully understand and will guide you through the process.

Custom Website Design

ACT SoftTechnologiesoffers high quality and affordable website design for any budget. We also provide excellent 1:1 personalized service that exceeds expectations.
ACT SoftTechnologiescan provide your small business or organization with an affordable and professionally designed solution that not only looks fabulous, but is simple to navigate and one that offers functionality to save you time and money!
Our  website design solutions  are scalable with minimum redesign expenses and one can even add a  shopping cart  to an existing website

Not Sure What Type of Website You Need?

We have created a custom  Website Design Quote Form  that will help us put together a solution that best reflects you or your small business. It will save you time and money by helping identify your specific needs.

Need Your Hand Held?

Many business owners do not know where to start when it comes to branding and promoting their business online. We'll lead you step-by-step with our  small business consulting services  and arm you with information!
Topics covered, include:

  • Are you ready to go online?

  • Adding a website to your business plan.

  • Company branding and processes  before  logo design.

  • Questions for employers to ask potential web developers.

  • Choosing the right web designer.

  • Knowing what you are getting for your money.

  • 10 point checklist to follow up with your web designer during the design process.

  • More!  Based on individual needs.

  • Pricing starts at low and can potentially save you thousands!

Get A Price Quote!

Dependable. Timely. Experienced

:::: Ask Yourself these Questions:

  • Are you a small business owner that realizes the IMPORTANCE to be on the WEB, but just does not know EXACTLY what is entailed do get the job done RIGHT!?

  • Do you currently have a free "Web Page" on AOL , Yahoo, or Angelfire for your niche store or service but realize that there has to be more to being online than that?

  • Did your web designer up and leave you stranded or difficult to get on the phone?

  • Does your present professionally-designed website have someone to MAINTAIN it, update and design new graphics, and add content?

  • Are you tired of large web design companies that have huge overhead charging high prices for simple web design solutions that you know you could do yourself with a little encouragement and training?

If you answered, "YES" to ANY of the above Questions then we encourage you to Contact Us right now to get a   FREE One Hour consultation   Call Today!
You'll speak directly to our Webmaster! We Promise!

Web Programming

Experts at ACT SoftTechnologies Creatos use the latest technology to make your product or application a highly successful one.With our vast experience we make sure that everthing has been done to the perfection and maintaining client satisfaction has been foremost aim.

ACT SoftTechnologies Creators offers application development and software programming in the following application technologies for website, software, intranet, custom built applications and existing client projects:

  • ASP

  • Microsoft asp.NET using C# and VB.NET

  • PHP

  • JSP

  • AJAX

Databases commonly used by the our programmers include:

  • Microsoft SQL 2008

  • Microsoft ACCESS

  • mySQL

  • Oracle 10g and latest

This document surveys current and planned languages and interfaces for developing World Wide Web based applications prefaced by a discussion of the characteristics of such languages. The principal goal of creating this document was to identify the various languages currently in use and to provide some insight into the context in which each language is used. Secondarily, the authors sought some insight into the directions that Web programming was going, especially in the context of the intense publicity surrounding Sun's Java.
General purpose programming languages (e.g. C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN) have not been included in this survey unless there are specific uses of those languages for web programming other than conventional development of clients and servers. In most cases, only variants of such languages specialized for web programming are included here, and, in such cases, are generally listed by the variants' names.
Almost as soon as this effort was started, other similar efforts were encountered. The list that follows is a partial listing of the efforts encountered and used to compile this document

Forum Customization

Forums are places of discussions for users which are quite nowadays. Lots of discussions take place in forums ranging from wide variety of topics from music, sports, technology, politics etc. Users generate content in forums and companies can get the feedback and reactions of their products in forums. Forums makes a site interactive and can able to do wonders for the business if it is used intelligently. Forums are also referred as discussion groups and bulletin boards.
Users can develop bonds with other users having similar ideas or interest. After creating a forum it's maintenance is very much necessary and our developers helps you to maintain forums in a very easy manner. If you are looking for a customization of your forums then Ultimate Creators is the best place for you.Forum Layouts are changed regularly to give a new look for the users.

Blog Customization

Blogs are usually maintained by individuals containing entries of their interests and experiences which they wanted to share with everyone. There are blogs for wide variety of categories and we can get to know about many valuable information form it. A typical blog consists of text, images and links to other sites which they frequently visit. With the help of RSS feed aggregator it is possible to subscribe for any particular blog and receive updates.
At Ultimate Creators we helps you in creating and market your blogs highlighting your business and services. We constantly update the blogs with fresh contents and constantly keeps the visitors rate at a good level. Blogs also play an important role in increasing traffic through search engines to your site with the help of backlinks. We also focus on factors like online presence of your blog where you can able to notify your consumers on new products. The two most popular blog services at present are blogger and wordpress


This BLOG is perfect for the person or small business that does not yet have an Internet presence.
Besides putting yourself in front of thousands of new customers, you can list detailed information about the services and products you provide, your business hours, your location, and contact information, etc. Basically, this blog is used as an extension of your business card, Facebook or Twitter account!
Remember, everyday that you wait to get your web site started, your competition is making sales and saving time, energy, and resources.

If you need to find out more about us or need to discuss your site?
Please feel free to give us a call at + 91 9500124080
for a friendly discussion on how we can help your company grow to be successful on the World Wide Web.

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