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How Much Should Web Site Design, Development, and Hosting Cost? What’s the easiest way to create awkwardness, spite, and frustration between clients and web site developers? Bring up the price of the project and you will instantly create a volatile situation. In most interactions between clients and web site designers/developers, expectations of project costs are drastically different. So how much should a web site really cost? The answer is more involved than most people assume
… And Knowing is Half the Battle
As a consumer of web site development services it is important that you take some steps to educate yourself about the process. An informed consumer is knowledgeable about what he or she wants to buy and does research on options, availability, and market prices. These are the basic elements of an average web site project:
1. Hosting
2. Database Design
3. Business Logic Programming
4. Markup, Styling, and Graphic Design
5. Standards-compliance, Accessibility, and Testing
6. Ongoing Maintenance
Make sure that you have at least a high level understanding of each before working with a developer. Reading the articles here at Solo Signal is a good place to start.
Placing Value on Time and Knowledge
Behind every web site is a programmer and a designer. The knowledge that these individuals possess and the time they put into every project is often overlooked and not considered when pricing a project
1. Details. Professional designers and firms pay particular attention to the details that will make or break your site.
2. Time. Most people who end up using a professional designer or firm understand that their time is worth something, and that spending your time on your core business is one of the best places you can invest your time. Working with web professionals allows you to tap into our experience and knowledge and save hundreds of hours.
3. Experience. A professional designer or design firm isn’t just selling you hours on a project; we’re selling you years of experience in the sometimes-overwhelming world of the Internet.
4. Knowledge. When you hire a professional designer or firm, you are also getting access to a wealth of information that we’ve gathered and are happy to share.
Keep in mind that you are not just paying for the developer’s time, you are paying for the knowledge and insight they have acquired over many years of experience.

Basic Features of Package:
• One Page is defined as that which prints out in A4 size paper from Browser in Medium Size Font.
• Domain Registration and Hosting charge is free for first year.
• Optional at Extra Cost: Extra pages can be added to the web site at an additional cost of Rs. 300.00/page. And 3 pictures per page.
• Web Site Content Designing starting from 1 html page (A4 size) or more, including scanning of photos/images , all HTML, small Animation's, JavaScript Menus , Page Graphic Design customized to the requirements of your product, business or profession and all Text / Images as provided by you. Meta Tags / Keywords for SEO will be added to page content as needed.
• Minor corrections / changes to text is done free of cost if the designed website is hosted on our servers.
Total Renewal Costs (Second Year and Onwards):
The second year and onwards renewal will include:
• Cost of Domain Name Renewal.
• Annual Hosting Costs.
• Annual Updating Costs if contracted for.
Domain Name Renewal: will be done at the applicable rate of the registrar as may be announced on the date of renewal.
Web Site Updating (where regular updating is required): will be done at extra annual charges or at per incident charges, based on nature and periodicity of updating required. Can be quoted only after study of work involved.
This will be applicable from the first year itself, if regular updating is required from first year.
Exclusions (These are available at extra costs on design and may need additional hosting features). Full Flash Pages, Long Specification Tables, Shopping Carts, Database Applications, Members Directory Database, Member / Website Visitor Password Login Access Options, Scripting applications, Blogs, Steaming Media etc. are not possible in this package. Such work will have to be quoted for extra on study of work involved.
HIDDEN CHARGES: There are no other hidden charges in this offer.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: Payment: Advance payment of minimum Rs. 3000.00 is to be made along with your written order. Balance payment (depending on the design pack chosen) after completion and approval of design matter prior to uploading on hosting server.
Web Site content matter in the form of Raw Text, Photos, Company Logo and Header Style, is to be provided by you at the time of order. All Text matter has to be sent via e-mail to our given e-mail address or be put on CD. Text should be in MS-Word, Lotus Word Pro or MS-Note Pad formats. All images should be either .JPEG or .GIF formats.
Adult Materials and Links to adult sites are not allowed.

Domain Registration, Web Hosting & E-mail Services will be active within 24/48 hours of receiving of order with advance payment. Web site design work can be completed within 21/30 days from date of receipt of full matter.

Unlimited Windows Package
Features Overview
Listed below are the costs for:

  • Web Site Creation

  • The Web Hosting plans

  • Domain Solutions

Main Features Windows    
• Disk Space   Unlimited Unlimited
• Bandwidth    Unlimited
• PHP Hosting  Unlimited
• Java Hosting(extra %)  
• MSSQL Database
• MySQL Database
• E-Mails IDs
• Email id Space
• Control Panel
Note: for Java Server price will be differ (Contact Us)

Condition's per Domain for maximum uses
» Bandwidth per month per domain 100GB
» Email ID per domain
» Space per Email ID
» MS SQL Database per domain
» MS SQL space per Database
» MY SQL Database per domain
» MY SQL space per Database
» MS Access Database per domain
» MS Access space per database
Customer Support
 Technical Support (24 x 7)  
 Phone Support (24 x 7)    

If you need to find out more about us or need to discuss your site?
Please feel free to give us a call at + 91 9500124080
for a friendly discussion on how we can help your company grow to be successful on the World Wide Web.

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